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What Is The Difference Between SEO Copywriting vs. SEO Content Writing?

by Malik Qaiser

SEO Copywriting and SEO content writing are two branches of content marketing that are critical to any business. They both tell people about your company’s product or service. You can use one or the other.


They have one commonality, both help you propel your business high in the sky.

Choosing the right type of writing helps you to get what you want.

The first step in understanding what separates SEO copywriting from SEO content writing is knowing what they actually mean.

The definition for each term varies slightly depending on who you ask, but most people agree that there is some overlap between them both.

Therefore it’s important to understand their differences as well as similarities before making any decisions about how to proceed with your online marketing efforts.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about SEO copywriting and SEO content writing.

And now onto my blog post!

What is SEO Content Writing?

The first step to SEO content writing is understanding the basics.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving a website in order to improve its visibility for keywords found on search engines such as Google and Bing. The goal of this process is to increase organic traffic.

SEO content writing is the process of optimizing your website’s content to rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. While

SEO content writing can be defined as the art of matching specific keywords to your audience with the goal of increasing traffic to your site. It’s about ensuring that your keywords are appropriately spread throughout your content in a natural manner.

The fundamental objective of SEO content writing is to generate organic traffic to a website by producing high-quality, keyword-focused material that ranks highly in search engines.

What Is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is more about persuasive writing that tells a story, connects with the audience on an emotional level, and influences them to take action.

The best SEO copywriting is written as a way to guide the reader through an experience. It uses visuals and words to tell them what they should think about, how they should feel, and why it’s important for them to take action on whatever you’re suggesting. Whether that be clicking a link or buying your product.

You’ll be using SEO copywriting techniques when you write Web copy, but it’s also important for your product descriptions.

When you’re writing out the features and benefits of a product in detail on your e-commerce site. That’s part of how you guide the reader through an experience with your brand. Whether they decide to purchase or not.

If you want more people to convert from visitors into customers. Then good SEO copywriting is going to have a huge impact on that process. You’ll need both persuasive language and tailored keyword research in order for this content strategy to work well. So if either one isn’t doing the job right, neither will get results.

No matter what type of website theme or business model you’re working with. You need to have great SEO copywriting on your site.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the conversion rates and engagement of your website. Then this is one of the best ways to do it.

The Importance of Writing to Influence Customers

Writing can be used to boost sales and promote loyalty and customer satisfaction. There are many reasons why writing is important to the success of a company.

They range from how it affects productivity but also include how it can be used to improve customer loyalty and even potentially affect the bottom line.

The experience of customers who interact with your company on social media or in person will be shaped by what they read about your company.

As a business, you will always want to attract new customers. Either through word of mouth or advertising. With the amount of information available online. It’s easy for potential customers to learn about your company and then move on to one that they can trust more.

To avoid this scenario, you need to improve your SEO copywriting skills in order to influence your current and future customers.

In the past, customers would rely on traditional advertising in order to learn about a company. The advertiser’s job was typically to use facts and figures in order to inform their target audience of why they should choose them over another business.

Today’s consumers are busy and prefer to only read the things that they feel will provide them with value. Companies now focus more time on creating well-written copy. That is informational for consumers while also promoting their brand at the same time.

If you want your content to stand out, you need to make it easy for customers to access information about your business without feeling like they’re reading an advertisement at the same time.

Communicating with your current and future customers using effective SEO copywriting. You will be able to build trust between yourself and your target market. Which will make it easier when it comes to downtime for them to purchase from you or recommend you as an option to others.

SEO Content Writer or SEO Copywriter? When Do You Need One?

As a business owner with limited time and resources available, you may be wondering if you need both an SEO copywriter and an SEO writer on your team.

It’s possible for businesses that already have in-house marketers that know how to write great sales copy that generates website traffic. Without having additional help from bloggers or content creators.

However, there are several reasons why it is crucial for every company to hire at least one SEO copywriter and SEO Writer.

First, a competent SEO content writer understands the fundamentals of search engine optimization and how to produce informative, engaging, and relevant content.

However, they are not always successful when it comes to creating the most important sort of content: conversions-oriented writing (i.e., sales-driving material).

This is where an SEO Copywriter steps in; they know how to use persuasive language which will encourage visitors to take action on your website by purchasing products/services or at least opting into your email list.

So you can continue marketing directly to them through email newsletters. Copywriters understand the psychology behind buying decisions as well as what makes people act upon their initial instead of putting off purchases.

When do I need the right SEO content writer?

A lot of people ask “When do I need the right SEO content writer?”

If you have a business website or blog and want some help with getting more traffic from search engines, a professional SEO content writer might be able to help.

Creating well-written, engaging content which is well-optimized for search engines is essential. If you want your website to rank high on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

This can include

  • Optimizing page titles
  • Using targeted keywords
  • Using the right image
  • Writing meta descriptions for pages
  • Using relevant keywords throughout
  • Including targeted keywords in H tags

A professional SEO content writer will know how to optimize your pages for search engines. It is also important that you write good, engaging text which doesn’t sound like it has been written by a Robot!

SEO content is good for a lot of things, including:

  • Boosting keyword ranks.
  • Attracting backlinks from high-ranking sites.
  • Increasing the amount of traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Directing visitors to other internal web pages.
  • Converting website users into customers, subscribers, or prospects.

If you want to boost organic traffic, you should engage an SEO content writer to produce your website’s content. Which is mostly composed of web pages and blog articles.

SEO content writers write about things like:

Service pages that are SEO-friendly.

Keyword-optimized blog post

PPC landing pages.

Link-building content on your blog.

Guest posts for SEO purposes.

EBooks are also an excellent source of organic traffic on your website.

These are the example of work SEO writers can do to increase web traction

But, if your intentions are to generate leads or sales then it’s time to move on to hire an SEO copywriter instead of an SEO content writer.

When should you consider hiring an SEO copywriter?

The best time to hire an SEO copywriter is when you want to convert traffic into leads and sales. Traffic may come from many different places like social media, paid ads, and direct traffic.

They can create content for your website landing pages, e-mail campaigns, and social media ads very quickly. A copywriter can help you to convert traffic into sales.

There are many different types of projects that copywriters often handle including: –

  • Copy for PPC ads
  • Website Page Texts/Landing Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media ads
  • Content for Brochures, Catalogs, and Reports
  • Blog Posts/News Articles
  • Web Content Surveys
  • Social media posts

This is not a complete list of projects handled by SEO copywriters but gives you an idea of some common types of work they handle.

However, some projects are so specific that it might be hard to find someone who is experienced in the type of project you need. If this happens, search for a general copywriter. Ask if they have experience with your type of project.

When hiring an SEO copywriter consider the following questions:

How much experience does your potential hire have?

Do they have samples of their work?

How many revisions will there be and how much would cost if additional changes are needed after initial drafts?

What services do they offer?

How quickly can you expect your project to be completed?

Will this person work as part of a team or independently?

These are just some questions. I recommend you ask yourself when considering hiring an SEO Copywriter.

So make sure to discuss all the required things with them before making any final decisions about who to hire.

Remember, successful marketing campaigns rely on the copywriter’s capacity to create converting sales copy.

The Right Skills to Look for When Hiring an SEO Writer

When hiring an SEO writer, you need to find the right person for the job.

Looking at their past experience and other skills is important but it’s also crucial that your new hire has these key attributes:

  1. Passionate about writing
  2. A strong understanding of online marketing principles
  3. The ability to write engaging content with target keywords in mind.

It’s not easy finding someone who fits all three criteria so you might have to think outside the box a little bit. You can help your writer by providing them with keyword lists and other relevant content.

It’s important that both of you are on the same page when it comes to what topics and tone should be covered in each piece of writing.

Just like a house is only as strong as its foundation, your marketing campaign will not succeed without proper planning.

You’ll also consider these skills when hiring an SEO writer:

Understanding the Target Audience

It’s not just about understanding your audience but really knowing them. When you’re creating content. It’s important that you know who your target audience is.

What are they interested in?

What are their fears and desires?

How old are they?

Keep these things in mind when writing content or hiring someone to do it for you.

Up-to-Date SEO Writing Practices

Your SEO writer should be aware of the latest online marketing practices. They need to understand how content contributes to search engine optimization and why social media plays such a large part. This will help them create more engaging content with an emphasis on your company’s keywords.

Understand User Search Intent

Sometimes, you need to write for users and not search engines. It’s important that your writer knows the difference so they don’t mislead people with vague or misleading content.

Should be an in-depth Researcher

A successful SEO writer must be able to conduct thorough research before writing each piece of copy. Proper research will provide them with the necessary information for creating quality blog posts and other relevant content material which is targeted toward your company’s primary keywords.

After researching their audience demographics, keeping up-to-date on current online marketing practices, understanding user search intent, and conducting proper research prior to writing each piece of content; it’s time to make sure their grammar skills are up to par.

A good writer should have a knack for proper grammar and spelling but also the ability to use this knowledge in an effective manner that doesn’t distract from or interfere with their writing style.

Just like any other profession, there are different levels of expertise among SEO writers so your company might need someone with more experience than others.

How to Evaluate SEO Copywriting Performance

SEO copywriting is a difficult art. It requires the right tone of voice for your target audience, along with writing great content that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet (and much more).

The following are some of the most popular KPIs used to evaluate SEO copywriter campaign effectiveness:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Email subscribers.
  • SEO organic traffic
  • SEO lead generation rate
  • SEO conversions per visit (CPL) and/or SEO average order value (AOV).

However, one critical SEO component in evaluating SEO copywriting performance is tracking SEO metrics and measuring SEO copywriting SEO performance.

Here are SEO copywriting metrics you should track:

  • SEO Rankings (the rankings of keywords)
  • SEO Traffic (amount and quality of traffic from a keyword or set of keywords)
  • SEO Conversions (how well the SEO content is generating conversions for your business).

This isn’t necessarily an easy one to measure, but if SEO copywriting is a priority for your business, you’ll find a way to track it.

In short: the more metrics that improve with each piece of content you create. Better SEO Copywriting Performance Metrics should be tracked at the keyword level.

How to Leverage Your Words for Greater Impact

What we write becomes part of our brand identity and represents us through the Internet!

As a content writer, you’re often asked to write about different topics. It’s important for your writing to have authority. Before you go ahead and start writing. Think about how your words will affect the reader.

Your goal might be to establish credibility with your readers or to provide them with knowledge that they can use right away.

When you think about the intended impact of your message. It’ll help you develop topic ideas and select appropriate phrasing.

If you’re trying to establish credibility. Remember that if readers sense doubt in your voice, they will start doubting the facts that you’re presenting.

In SEO copywriting, it is important to know how to leverage your words for greater impact.

By treating your words as a valuable commodity.

You give the reader something, which they will find helpful and interesting. Copywriters have a number of ways in which they can optimize web content so that it has the greatest possible impact.

One way to do this is by using strong verbs because this helps invoke a response from readers. A verb should reflect the kind of action that is being conveyed or that may be taking place.

Secondly, verbs should be appropriate for the specific audience that you are addressing. This means that if there are any specialized terms or phrases involved. Then be sure to use those instead of more generic substitutes.

The third way to improve your SEO copywriting is by having a good understanding of the kind of language that appeals to readers and clients.

This means knowing how to set up compelling web content by using words and phrases, which will grab their attention. Words like ‘cure’, ‘destroy’, ‘mistake’, or even ‘discover’ can be effective ways of grabbing people’s interest.

Because they help convey an idea about what you are offering them through your writing.

By keeping all of these points in mind. SEO copywriters will be able to produce better work which helps them get more clients through their websites!

I’ve given you some ideas for how to leverage your words to create a strong and memorable brand identity.

  1. Use keywords generously
  2. Create a keyword-focused title
  3. Write content that incorporates the keywords from the copy to make it more readable
  4. Focus on high-velocity words and phrases in your content
  5. Optimize for search engines

When it comes to SEO content writing. You want to connect and share with your readers and establish credibility.

Content writers often feel like they don’t have enough time to write blogs or other pieces. If this sounds like you. You might be thinking about how to make the process more efficient.

It’s important for content writers to think about the impact of their words on readers. Whether they’re looking for knowledge right away, or they’re just browsing for a few minutes before going on with their day.

Effective SEO content writing is all about using your words to convey a message as best as possible.

As an online writer, you have the opportunity to really connect with your readers and make your mark on them through what you write.

When you write for SEO purposes, you want to be sure that your content is not only search engine friendly. But also provides value and answers questions on the topic of what you’re writing about.


SEO copywriters and SEO writers are both important in today’s digital world.

SEO copywriting and SEO content writing are two different disciplines that have a lot of overlap. It’s important to take the time to evaluate your needs before deciding which type of SEO writer is best for you.

As they both offer valuable benefits depending on what stage in your business development process you find yourself at.

The main difference between SEO copywriting and content writing is that the former focuses on making a page rank well in search engines. While the latter aims to increase conversion rates.

In other words, one seeks to drive traffic whilst the other looks for conversions.

When it comes time to hire an SEO writer or SEO copywriter make sure they have experience working in your niche. So your business can reap all of its benefits.

In the end, I’d love to hear your thoughts on SEO copywriting vs SEO content writing.

Do you want to add value or have any questions about the post? Please comment below with any questions!

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