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Unveiling the Secrets of Chelsea Clarke’s Online Empire

by Malik Qaiser

Ever wondered how some people seem to have it all figured out when it comes to making money online?

How would you like to earn $90K per month? That’s the annual salary of a lawyer in the USA.

Forget the rags-to-riches tales you’ve heard before. Today, I am going to unveil the story of a Savvy Entrepreneur. Who turned her Passion into a Thriving Online Business.

So, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur.

keep reading as I will reveal the secret sauce behind Chelsea’s smashing success.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss a single word!

I’m talking about passive income streams and time flexibility. Two things most people spend their lives wishing they had.

Chelsea Clarke has done that through her online ventures. The woman behind ‘Her Paper Route‘.

Chelsea Clarke owns many online ventures and was in love with affiliate marketing. She used her business acumen to build a thriving web audience that received massive email leads.

This success story is about a woman who started her own business and became an online entrepreneur.

In this eye-opening blog post. I will dive deep into her secrets, dissecting the strategies and tactics that have catapulted her to financial success.

About Chelsea Clarke:

Chelsea Clarke is a digital nomad, micro niche site investor, and affiliate influencer.

She owns a marketplace BlogsForSale.co. Where website owners buy & sell their niche sites.

Over the past year, the BlogForSale marketplace put more than $ 2 million in niche site builder pockets. Besides her online business, she built an online niche website creator community called ‘HerPaperRoute.com’.

Where she writes case studies, guidelines, and informative blogs on content monetization and growth hacks.

She earns $25K to $90K per month from online business. The earning depends on affiliate conversion, and the number of deals closed on my marketplace.

chelsea clarke

How did she start her make Passive Income online journey?

She started her making online money journey during her university days.

Back in 2005, she was selling clothes on eBay. She bought clothes from a local print store at wholesale price and resell them on her website and eBay. The response was good, but it took a lot of her time to fulfil orders, and the margin was not worth continuing it.

So, she shifted it to a 100% drop-shipping model. She continues with the drop-shipping model for a few years. Selling wholesale bath suiting sources from china. During that time, she manages her financial conditions with day time corporate job and a nighttime waitress role.

chelsea clarke

Things are not smooth as it was when she was unexpectedly laid off from her corporate job in 2012. This unexpected laid-off taught her a lesson that being an employee. You always stay at financial risk. She knew by that time you can monetize your blog and earn passive income.  So, she set a target of initially $1000 per month with her new beauty blog and take responsibility for her financial independence.

Making $1000 per month is not an easy target, but I have firm thoughts not to return to 9-5 jobs. I quit all my side hustles, an evening waitress job at $11 per hour, and fully focused on my new blog.

The move was risky, but I am glad I monetized my blog with affiliate links in the second month and reached my target of $1000 per month. The blog continuously grows, and after six months, the blog earning was above $5000/month. After a year of affiliation with a beauty blog, I sold that cash cow for $50,000.

The money earned from the blog is used for my main brand, ‘HerPaperRoute’.

  • I provide training, resources, and guideline to content curators to build a niche site.
  • Later on-sell those lucrative niche sites for a significant profit.

Check out the Chelsea Clarke programs guide here.

How do you scale your online business?

The one strategy that gives me immense growth is to focus on email marketing. List growth is significant in affiliate business or any online business. I had grown up my list to more than 25K bloggers, and it helps with my income generation.

The income generated from the email list comes through:

  • Affiliate Promotion links
  • Courses Launch Campaigns
  • Connection with subscribers who transact at my buy & sell marketplace.

To people see these promotions.

I need good traffic on my blog so that I get good traction with these opt-in freebies. So, I would say we could not discount a mixture of decent on-page and off-page SEO.

Initially, I promoted my content by pinning it on Pinterest and posting a link on other social media groups. I advertise small on Facebook ads or other social media platforms. Spending on advertising is always nominal.

Now I do neither of these stuff. Instead, I am more focused on virtual summits, podcasts, YouTube, and hosting a workshop for my content promotion strategy.

How do you monetize a Niche Site?

I have a unique selling proposition for monetization. My preferred way is affiliate marketing.

You need to be practical. Figure out what your audience is looking for, and then sort out their pain points with the product.

In my USP of affiliate products. I create a free course on using an affiliate product. When the user enrols in it, they get a unique link to buy my affiliate product. The free classes are the value addition I provided, and that matters most.

Chelsea Clarke Strategy for growing an online business?

My strategy for growing an online business is “do the work.” It does not mean you should do every work by yourself. Yes, you can do the first half of creative work for yourself before jumping to your inbox. You need to delegate to your team. Trust their capabilities to handle your business operations.

As a CEO, you should focus on the essential things that can enhance your business expansion.

Delegate tasks to your team as much as you can.

This will allow you to perform better in your company role, and you can spare time to spend with family and your loved ones.

What are the indicators and times to sell niche blogs?

The answer depends on whether you’re trying to maximize profits or cut losses. If you’re in it for the long haul and want a stable source of income. Then it’s probably better not to sell at all. But

If you want some quick cash then selling might be your chance for whopping cash!

niche blogs for sale her paper route

Image Source: HerPaperRoute

Consider these indicators before making any decisions:

  • Lose interest in your blog
  • Passionate about another project
  • Busy schedule and finding it more of a chore

Many Bloggers sell their sites as they lose interest in the blog because of the other project.

Some sell their blogs because they can get up to 36x blog monthly revenue. That is an excellent strategy to build wealth and a great motive to sell. That is why some bloggers create niche sites with the intent in mind they sell their websites on the day for a big whopping amount.

Sometimes curators think they have grown the website. Now, new buyers will develop it further with a unique viewpoint.

What are HerPaperRoute and Nicheinvestor all about?

The blog HerPaperRoute is all about a person’s route of taking responsibility for his/her wealth.

“The ‘Her’ refers to you. ‘Paper’ refers to money. ‘Route’ means path or plan.

The route is the plan we are going to plot out to reach your money goals.”

Nicheinvestor is a marketplace. Where my broker gives a valuation of your niche website, and connects you with buyers. My Marketplace helps so many bloggers receive a hefty amount by selling their niche website business.

Some of the site’s paydays are as follows

  • Easy prep niche blog earning $3800/month sold for $150,000
  • Crafts & printable niche blog sold for $105,000
  • Yoga niche site blog sold for $38,000
  • Mom niche site blog sold for $41,000

There are plenty of sold blog lists; you can check the details here.

What things keep in my mind when preparing the business for sale?

These are some critical points when you schedule your online business for sale

  • All Social media accounts should be updated with the business manager. When you sell your business, new buyers need your ad account information as well. Make sure you don’t have bank information attached to it.
  • Google Analytics is actively tracking your traffic
  • Profit & loss records of your business
  • Work with a broker for secure transactions.

The broker will connect you with potential buyers and escrow your trade so that you will not get screwed.

Another thing, make sure your website and social accounts do not have any of your personal or family photos. This way, the new buyer can add their persona to it.

Chelsea Clarke Two Cents on Building Online Business?

Never satisfied with what you have accomplished or “made it.”

The moment you fall into your comfort zone, “it’s entrepreneur doomsday!”

Many online entrepreneurs are striving to overtake you.

chelsea clarke online business

What you can do is practice some habits that can put you always on track. Like I put myself on a small wage from my online wealth. I keep little in my bank account to pay bills, mortgage, etc.

So that I focus more on business expansion, and employee wages, and the rest stay in my corporation account. So I never thought or feel affluent.

Advice for Aspirant Online Entrepreneur?

Online entrepreneurial success is not easy as you thought. There are so many surprises, and setbacks and failure is part of success.

If you have a tiny bit of zeal for earning passive income, you must give it a try.

You will only learn when you execute the plan.

As an amateur, you feel the pressure of success before you start the online venture.

You don’t need to take the pressure.

Your only job initially is to do things consistently.

You don’t need to act like a pro.

All you need is to do experiments, learn from mistakes, and figure out what idea you like.

successful online entrepreneur

Remember, with every “failure,” you provide yourself with an opportunity to improve & grow. I start many ventures initially and failed. That allows me to improve, learn, and grow.

Later I figure out the things I like most and now is my main brand of a lucrative business.

In an entrepreneurial journey, you will face days when you are happy, proud, and excited about your success. And there will be tough days when you feel like giving up and reconsidering a regular job.

I would say never give up on your entrepreneurial dreams. If you don’t like it sell it and start another but never give up on entrepreneurship.


The Story of Chelsea Clark is an inspiration to all of us. There is no shortcut to online entrepreneurship. Her Story taught us never to give up on entrepreneurial dreams and stick to projects.

If you like Chelsea Clark’s Success story and learn some new online business strategies, and tips. please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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